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My Console Collection

Welcome to my ever expanding collection! Below is a list of my current collection of consoles and various accessories. All items work unless stated otherwise.

Nintendo Game Boy Collection

My favorite consoles I own. The original Game Boy, Game Boy pocket with and without power LED, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP AGS001 and AGS101, Game Boy Micro, as well as the Printer and Camera. I grew up with the see through blue GBA and spent countless hours playing Pac-Man Collection and Pac-Man World on this console.

Nintendo DS Collection

Next favorite group of consoles. The original DS had a broken screen but I replaced it. I just need a regular DSi to complete this mini collection.

Nintendo 3DS

One of my most played "New" consoles. I bought the wood skin from slickwraps and think it looks fantastic. My friends and I would battle Pokemon during theater class and hide them inside a computer that was on the table near us. Ah the good ol days.

Magnavox Odyssey 2

I picked this up on OfferUp as a gift for my brother. It cost all of $25. I did have to open it up and replace the RF cable but after that it works great. A really good deal at that price.

Atari 2600

I wanted this console so badly when I was younger but I had to settle for an Atari Flashback 2. Eventually my dad wanted to get an original again and now I have one. This console is the only way I can play Jr. Pac-Man!

Nintendo Entertainment System

Everyone who collects classic consoles has to own one of these. I used to have 2 of them and on one I replaced the pins and removed the lockout chip and kept the other as stock. I gave that one to my brother.

Sega Genesis Model 2

This console was my main childhood and is the first console I ever remember playing. My brothers got the Playstation so I got stuck with this and a copy of Sonic & Knuckles. To this day I can play that game non stop and still not get bored.

Super Nintendo Slim

I mainly wanted a Super Nintendo just for the Super Game Boy. I got this a few years ago on my birthday and use it mainly for that. I do still want a full sized one but prices have skyrocketed so I would rather just get games for it first. This is the console I own the least amount of games for besides the Vectrex.

Sega Dreamcast

Love this machine. Countless hours in Sonic Adventure and this weird Donald Duck game. The VMUs were just the icing on the cake.

Sega Nomad

My brother got this for me and I played it to death. Literally. It currently does not work. I need to replace a power thingy on the inside. A shame really.

Nintendo 64

I forgot why I wanted or ended up getting an N64. I played a lot of Pokemon stadium 1 and 2 as well as Mickey's Speedway USA on it. I had 2 but I traded one of them for a Wii. Gotta say, the PS1 is a much better console. The controllers ruin the experience on this.

PSone with Screen

We used to play this in the car when we would go on very long drives. We were spoiled as kids. Apparently the screens became rare because they are destroyed to be used on DIY projects so I can never safely get rid of this system. I remember us having a ton of these little PSones without the screen. I think we gave most of them away to friends.

Nintendo Gamecube

My original GameCube died a long time ago but I found another one just like it when we moved. This console is the best way to play Pac-Man World 2 and 3 as well as Sonic Heroes. I actually found another purple GameCube in the trash one day. I cleaned it up, disinfected it, and replaced the cables with extras from my old one. It works flawlessly and had Sonic Adventure 2 in the drive. Score!

Mini Arcade Collection

All I wanted was the Pac-Man one. How did I let myself buy all of these? The Q*Bert one has to be my favorite. Good game, great art, amazing presentation. 10/10 would recommend getting one if it weren't for the price.

Frogger and Centipede Handhealds

I remember begging my mom for the Frogger one when I was little because I found it in a Ross and was blown away. I played it a lot surprisingly. The Centipede  one was more of an impulse buy at a thrift store because it reminded me of the Frogger one.

Sony PSP

This console was EVERYTHING to me an my brother as a kid. It was our portable computer, it was our MP3 player, it was our movie player, it had solid games like Patapon 2 and LocoRoco 2. The only thing that was able to compete was a smartphone and we didn't get our own smartphone until years later. The PSP truly was special to us.

Sega Game Gear

Go big or go home. The Game Gear is a great console if it is working properly... and you have rechargeable batteries. I hope we got a good deal on this thing because looking at it now makes me wonder how much we paid. This looks expensive.

Atari Flashback 2

I got this console when I was younger and wanted a real Atari 2600. It is still a good thing to plug in real quick if you want to play asteroids.

PS2 Slim

I got this PS2 way back when I was little. I clearly remeber us going to Best Buy and getting it for me because I got a nearly perfect score on one of my final tests in 3rd grade. Sadly it no longer reads silver discs.

PS3 Slim

I had a launch PS3 fat but I didn't use it much so I traded with my brother for his slim because he liked the original better and I only used it as a PS1 and a Blu Ray Player. This one still does all of that but is much quieter.

Nintendo Switch

I bought this only for Sonic Mania. Since then it is quickly becoming one of my favorite Nintendo Consoles. It is just crazy expensive to start. The console and 1 game is just under $400. Mama Mia!

Nintendo Wii

I actually own 2 of these consoles. The one pictured used to belong to my aunt and is in very good condition and left stock. The other one I traded an N64 for and have modded to run games off a flash drive. Really fun console to quickly pick up and play. Senior year in high school I brought  it and we would play Mario Kart on the smart boards.

Nintendo Wii U

I wanted to like this console so much but only ever got 3 games for it before the switch came out. At this point I'm going to hold on to it and wait for them to become expensive.


Technically this console belongs to my brother but we still consider our collection to be shared. We were at a swap meet and I saw it pointed and yelled, "Kevin! A Vectrex!". We immediately bought it for a hefty price of $4. I think this is the rarest console we own.

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