Computer Hardware

Here is my current collection of notable computer hardware. Most of the items shown here are monitors as many other peripherals I own are not particularly exciting.

Dell E772c - 17" CRT Monitor

Hunted for about a year for this monitor. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best computer monitor in existence. Extremely sharp picture, supports many resolutions, very bright, great color, beautiful design. Everything about this monitor is perfect. This display is the matching display for M E G A M A M A.

Dell E551 - 14" CRT Monitor

Found this monitor during the year hunt for the grey Dell one. It was able to hold me off until I finally got a hold of the grey one. It is small but a very decent size for the machines I use it with. The max resolution is 1024x768 as far as I know. This is the matching monitor to $2 PC V1.

Commodore 2002 - 14" CRT Composite/RGB Monitor

Found this monitor for $2 in a box at a local thrift store. The commodore logo caught my attention and got it immediately. It has a built in speaker, RGB input, and composite inputs. The Sega has never looked better. The speaker is very loud and clear.

eMachines E200HV - 20" LCD Monitor

There is absolutely nothing special about this monitor. Looks average, average build quality, average brightness and resolution. I used it as a second monitor with my main computer for a while until I moved. The back of this monitor used to face the door so the private sign was fitting.